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‘' Our Species We Could Yet Resurrect ‘'
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‘' Our Species We Could Yet Resurrect ‘'

Poem By Bri Mar

The wonderful thing about giving?
It enhances the way we are living
It becomes crystal clear the reason we're here,
Is just to be kind and forgiving.

While those around us are crying,
Their plight we should not be denying,
Try not to resist your ability to assist,
It's with decency we're then complying.

There's terrible negativity in life,
It's the cause of all worldly strife,
The cure for our sins? Positivity wins,
It's for us to make kindness rife.

Hatred among humans just grows,
Why we just presuppose,
The subject of love is a gift from above,
Our enmity we need to depose.

To the wonders of benevolence, we're blind,
If only we could try to be kind,
By destroying each other our abilities we smother,
The human can be so unrefined.

Of mayhem we are the masters,
We try to cure it with plasters,
While each other we stalk we refuse to talk,
We're the cause of all worldly disasters.

There's a wonderful cure for our ills,
It's not found in a bottle of pills,
By making co-operation our sole aspiration,

‘' Our Species We Could Yet Resurrect ‘'

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