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Our Story
(4/15/80 / Virgina)

Our Story

Poem By janis nicole townsend

Black and white stripes and Black Star
Birthed these crashing stars
And the cosmic encounters grew
From heated debates on love and marriage
To flirty free styling on the cool evening beach,
Playing anxiously with innuendoes in the backroom
To eventually with dismay not even speaking
Only telepathically connected in thought
I—engulfed in my poetry
He—engulfed in his rhymes
And together we made lines colorful
Beautiful black and spiritual green
Crimson passion red
Christening the first home of our love
Before there was a place to lay our heads
I wanted to carry geniuses in all shades of brown
With my personality and his mind
And his looks blended with mine
To create the best noun—
Because in him I could see more than just my reflection
I saw fire and revolution, hidden sensitivity
I saw tiny bits in him
That I wanted to piece together in me
To make ‘we’ a permanent combo
The steady rise of the crescendo always climaxed on time
The fall was sometimes painful
But we always landed with our feet on the ground
Even if only as the best of friends
This revolutionary process has no end because
I am his Ma’at and he is my Thoth
(The Truth complimented with
The creator of writing and science)
The most rewarding alliance
Forever to be reborn just to find each other
There will never be a better love poem written to replace
Our story.

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