AW (21st May 1970 / Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Our Story

A building ahead
Stone through mist.
Distant light
Summoning me tonight.
Fear and longing
Joined as obsession.
A question unanswerable
On your lips.
A weight unbearable
In my heart.
Over a bridge
Through a gate
Along passageways
Tripping up spiral staircases
Inner chambers.

No mystery
Except in the breath
Between words.
The question forms
The answer comes.
What happened in between?
What happened?
All we have is now.
History is hidden in
High towers
Behind walls of bookcases
Of centuries of stories,
Of past glories.
In deep vaults in
Cabinets full of files
Catalogueing faults.
What happened?
What happened to our story?

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