Our Three Wise Men

You’ve brought so much to this world,
your wisdom is continuously heralded.
Your strength and determination cannot be forgotten
neither can your compassion and empathy for the

To those of us you will never meet,
you’ve left your greatness as a legacy.
We learn all we can from history,
you taught us to fight for what we believe.

Boycotts, marches or sit-ins
are the demonstrations of nonviolence
that were used to show solidarity
on issues of racism, segregation and other

Martin, Malcolm and Mandela you gave us
purpose and pride in our race,
you showed us we can have courage
and endurance in any crisis we face.

Many have tried to silence you
but that can never be done,
for when you sacrificed to lead us in
our struggles you entered martyrdom.

To those that you have passed the torch,
we appreciate them just a much.
They have followed your leadership,
repeated you words and never let us forget,
just as you did in the past without
forethought or regret.

Martin, Malcolm and Mandela, our three wise men,
we love you dearly and we can’t begin
to thank you for how helpful you’ve been,
Lighting our path for a journey so long,
that our childrens’ children can also be strong.

by Cassandra Boyd

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