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Our Time And Place

We live in time
not the place we’re in
We can change the place
but not the time.

The sun holds fast in place.
Sundials shadow its timely movement.

All the colors blend in the light.
All the colors blend in the night.

“In the final analysis you write your way to God.”
- Marina Tsuetaeva, “History of a Dedication.”

God has done some writing of his/her own
and on to us did send.
If we could only read it
and know what was his/her intent.

Nature’s open book is one;
something including the birds and bees.
Another is more scriptural,
writings of long ago through men.

Is God still writing his/her mind?
Some do not believe so.
They leave all of God behind
in those books of long ago,

As if God is not all living still
and has nothing more to will.
Their lives are a closed book
as is sometimes told by their look.

No God-sent telegrams for them, e-mail, or mail postmarked.
They have all their pages in the scriptures marked.
But still deciphering those writings must be done.
Until then what must we believe will come?

- Oct.8,2007

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interesting! could you read my new poems too? thank you.
‘we live in time’ is a good proposition to make…light and night being the basic measurable units of time the statement 'colors blend in them' is also true in both ways…sent in, here, pre programmed, any attempt to edit or delet that ‘head ware’ will prove futile…and deciphering it… most welcome…not to find out how the program runs…but to realize what the program is meant for us… an unusually long write from Ben…goes a long way in telling the truth of birth life and death in a typical, striking way…good composition… grade ten plus