Our Tuareg Guest

He came and left
Our really amazing guest

A Tuareg guest from arid zone
Got hosted by our Old man
Who always had porridge to spare
And this he presented him generously

Diving in to what at home was scarce
Our guest swam up to the point of defeat
And we were not to know
That embarrassed, he was thinking of Joe
Joe, the kingpin glutton of the arid land

We were not to know
That our guest was thinking of Joe
The only person capable of purging
The humiliation of defeat off arid land

Alone he came and left
Our amazing Tuareg guest
And we were not to know
We would ever set eyes on him anymore
But here was he back again
Back again after a year had lapsed
Here was he accompanied by a friend
A Tuareg too
Here were they before our Old man
Hello my generous host the last year's
So said the yesteryear's guest of ours

If I should explain myself
May I thank you once more
For that generous porridge you served me
So generous the porridge was
As to put me to vanquished's shame

So this year round and just now
If you wouldn't mind
I have for you a message of hope
For next to me as you can see
Is a guest of mine
And I a guest of yours
May you please give me the pleasure
to introduce the epicure of arid land?
This indeed is our man
Man, capable of ridding any surplus
And as the introduction proceeded,
The hired guest only just nodded certainty
about his dire dining aptitude
No comment, only nodded
Absorbing good words being put in

by Haruna Garba

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From arid zone! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.