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Our Very Own Oasis
ML (- / Philippines)

Our Very Own Oasis

I don't know what’s happening,
Its something I can't explain.
Its like the whole world is cracking,
I just can't take the pain.

I want to leave and go,
To a planet far away.
Never will i know,
Where I’m really meant to stay.

I want you to come with me,
So you and i can start a new.
Untouched places is what you’ll see,
It will just be me and you.

We will wonder through the stars,
And see constellations as we go by.
Flying together no matter how far,
Searching for a heaven in the sky.

Then it will be time to tell you,
About what I’ve kept inside.
Did you know that i love you?
Its something i cannot hide.

You and i as one,
Shut from the world we knew.
In a heaven as bright as the sun,
I needing nothing else but you.

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