Our World

As I strolled upon this sacred ground.
With its natural beauty all around.
Hills and valleys, lakes and trees.
Soaring mountains and deep blue seas.

Clouds drifting by in a wondrous way.
Leaves bustling as their branches sway.
Corn dancing to a cheerful breeze.
Rivers flowing with a graceful ease.

A flock of swallow soars in the sky.
Rabbits dashing in the meadow high.
Schools of fish they storm the waves
Bats sleeping quietly in their caves.

Cattle grazing in fresh pastures green.
Lambs playing merrily in glourious serene
Goats jumping high on the rocky ledge.
Deer sipping water at the river beds edge.

Oh if mankind could only understand.
The wonders of this God given land.
Maybe then we would come to realise.
We are just a speck in natures eyes.


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All the Irish soul in five verses.