Forever Sleep

whispers of i love you flows off your lips
your hands brings warmth and caring.
touches and kisses of sweet tenderness
making me feel so loved and beautiful.
suddenly everything is harshly changing
worrying, i must be doing something wrong
trying to so hard to make you happy again
but always failing, you knock me down
your temper is always rising, boiling
now from your lips escapes only hate
that burns me, reducing me to burnt ash
from your hands such a punishing force
the same hands that holds my broken heart
so with every clenching angry fist you make
crushes my heart, like walls collapsing in
leaving it suffocated, broken, barely beating
it lays dying amongst my pieces of ash
waiting for a chance to finally breathe again
with nothing left of me, i'm broken and cutting
i soon grow tired, closing my eyes to rest,
finding peace i drift into a forever sleep.

by Silentpoet Grl

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