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Our World = Past, Present & Future!

Glorious is this world of ours
And the way we feel within
Where sometimes love plants its seed
In the hearts of women and men.

Marvelous is our beautiful world
And all the heavens above.
If we would just do our duty
Our world would be full of love.

Our world resembles a ruthless game
Where all are eager players.
There's smiles of joy and tears of woe
With hate, lust, love and prayers.

Our world is cruel to those who feel
And a joke to those who think.
Like the wind-blown pages of a book
Our years fly by in a blink.

Do not squander the passing time
For that's what life is made of
Never put off till tomorrow
Your time with those you love.

Enjoy the blessing of each day
And trust not for tomorrow.
We can't recall our yesterdays
Though their loss gives us sorrow.

Gather your pleasures while you may
While the days you have left last.
Try to become more than you are
Before you're part of the past.

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