JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

Ourspecial Love

To a very special lady
Who is my one true love
God sent you to love me,
From the light of heaven above.

When we first met online,
You were my special internet friend
Many greetings and emails,
To each other we would send.

I realized what I was missing
A chance to live, give, and love
I had lived shattered dreams
Now my heart and soul fits yours,
Just Like a fine woven glove.

Then I came out to see you,
You were quite a lovely sight.
In you I could see nature's beauty
Like a fresh garden of delight

When I had to leave you,
I was wondering about our fate.
You became my dearest love
From a best friend to my soulmate

In writting letters of love,
I said a poet's prayer
I expressed my love in verse,
And love returned was there.

Sometimes I feel a heart of darkness
When knowing we are so far apart.
But we'll just keep leaning on each other
As we have done from the start.

I can hear the ticking of time
And I'm missing you my love
I shall be looking forward to the day,
When together we shall always stay.

So to you my darling I write,
Of your love for me so true.
A tribute to someone special
Thank you for being wonderful you

All the love of your heart is mine,
As every very ounce of my being is thine.
Always now and ever more,
Forever my love, eternally devine.]

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