Out In The Country

Poem By Lydia J. McFarland

Out in the country,
that's where I be.
It ain't no wonderland,
you soon shall see.
I live in a house,
shangles and all,
on top of all that,
my front door's com'n off.

My roof needs repair'n,
the grass needs some mow'n,
Them cows need some tend'n,
and my clothes need some mend'n.

My husban's drunk an' all,
he's a bumb,
don't do nothin'
but spit and bawl.

Out in the country,
that's where I be.
It ain't no wonderland,
for him and me.
My dog... Bumpy,
I should send'm to the city,
maybe then I'd get some publicity.
He's dirty an' ugly, but he sho' is smart.

But if he go,
I won't see him no mo'e
so I best stay out in the country,
and die po'r

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