Out Of A Darkened Wilderness

Unfortunate it is in todays' climate,
In which fences and bridges are being renovated...
To dismiss divisions and biases,
That there are people who still interpret...
With minds limited if not closed,
For purposes to keep alive those beliefs deceived...
And embedded deep in false definitions,
That they should remain on their knees subservient.
With a doing to please those they perceive to be 'Chosen',
To lead them out of a darkened wilderness.
As an historical acceptance to reach their destiny.

And the ones who project an identity to protect with dignity,
Are rejected to neglect because those limited in consciousness...
Have been convinced that a remaining humble and subservient,
Is a wish dictated from 'gospels' created and specifically picked...
By a 'god' described as searching for obedient souls,
To annointed them with wings and golden slippers...
After their trials and tribulations on Earth,
Have been successfully completed...
With a free pass that grants them the right,
To dance cheerfully amongst the other saints who also stay faithful.
And the spirits of those Egyptians with noses chopped off,
On every monument ever seen depicting their greatness...agree!

'What a racist comment to make.'

~Is it?
Or is it fact?
Of course I can always choose not to be observant.
And accept this as a miraging of my delusions.
Would you prefer I do that?
To leave the falsities of biblical teachings intact? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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