Out Of Control

No offense!
But defense mechanisms,
Have yet to be invented.

When stupid people,
Exhibit an excessive stupidity...
Consistent with ignorance,
That numbs the common sense...
Of anyone holding onto beliefs,
There is not an epidemic...
That has arrived and secretly released.
Something we can not see,
Affects us as we breathe toxins in the air.

Many are dismissing this,
As if this is a fashion statement.
Something on the scene that attracts all human beings.
With no reprieve!
Like infectious laughter.

And examine this for what it is.
A passing fad this isn't.

Is becoming accepted behavior.
Has potential to craze and manipulate.
Is madness personified.
Is more threatening,
Than identified terrorists...
Said to be at our doorsteps.
Operating from distant shores...
To impose themselves upon our interests.
Is a reflection,
Of what has been tolerated.
Is not a passing sickness.
With a cure to be announced...
Between sexual aids marketed on TV.
Is a disease that is spreading.
And out,
Of control...
It is!

No offense!
But defense mechanisms,
Have yet to be invented.

Stupidity it is!
And out,
Of control.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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