Out Of Mind To Ever Find Again

To repeatedly re-address the obvious,
Only impedes the progress...
Of what the observer sees that is digested,
By those who can not perceive...
A severe damage to them done.

And the ones who refuse to make forward steps,
Are blinded by the stagnation that soils the atmosphere.
And their own digressing of identity that is disrespected,
Becomes increasingly clear to those who come to visit.
To leave quickly through flashing neon exits.

Who quietly authorized this routine to stick,
With such a slick absorbing wickedness?
To then become offended by those who object,
With protective evilness to defend these biased divisions...
Many wish to keep free from threats of a thought process.

And those who choose with a consciousness to stay?
Knowing many streets are subjected to be renamed,
Or changed to become one way...
OUT of mind to ever find again,
Travel to keep their souls from being frozen in a lost time.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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