Out Of My Mind With Love

Can you save me from myself?
Will you be there to catch me...
When calling breezes invite,
To greet my fall from an open window?

Will my descend be spent in regret,
Before my meat splatters in pieces
On a welcoming sidewalk!

How grim that sounds!
How awful that is,
If I am found that way!

Can you save me from myself,
And death wishes?
IF insanity leads me to leap!
Knowing I have no wings to fly!
And would you care if I dared?
IF I tried to end my life and died!

Could you save me from myself?
Would your ego let you go...
From self assessments,
And judgements you pass!
That's all I ask.

Could you save me from myself,
Since I've spent my time...
Pulling you out of the gutter
To primp upon a pedestal,
Out of reach
Out of the touch I miss
When you were into me...
And I then,
Was out of my mind with love for you!
Now today it is too true,
That you,
Are too far gone...
Out of my reach and into a 'self'.
Leaving me with a heartbreak,
I can no longer take!

I ask of you...
Could you save me from myself?
Or am I destined to meet you again...
Spilling my blood and guts for you,
Without a sound...
And down,
The gutter where we met!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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