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Out Of Nowhere
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Out Of Nowhere

People go through life
Looking for that special one
Seeking for that someone
Searching for the sun.

That light we tend to yearn for
Never seems easy to find
Friends tell you to stop searching
And to get guys off your mind.

So I stopped looking
And lived life single
Never tried to find that one
Who would make my body tingle.

One day I saw your face
Smiling from across the room
You stared back at me
Pulling me out of my gloom.

Talking to you for a moment
Makes my heart soar
Your kisses make my body numb
Each makes me love you more.

It has only been a month
But it feels like a year
Our love is so strong
That is brings me to tears.

If it wasn’t for those friends
Telling me to stop trying
I would have never found you
The one that sends my heart flying.

I love you more than anything
I love you from my heart
I know nothing will ever
Tear out undying love apart.

Dedicated to Dustin

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