Out Of Sync

Out of sync!
And this seems to have happened,
Within a blink!

No time to think!
A distinct change has come.
All coverups by those who hoodwinked...
Realize those acts are done.

Out of Sync!
Reason or rhyme.
Even those blind have felt a shift.
Nothing remains,
To allow a comfortness!

Out of sync!
Out of places to hide.
There is no where to run.
To sanitize tainted lives!

Out of sync!
And those who have had eyes opened...
Have no time to empathize!
Not with those,
Who chose to deceive and lie!

Out of sync...
With a time that has died.
And out of focus,
Are those who denied...
A higher consciousness now on the rise!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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