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Out Of The Blue
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Out Of The Blue

Poem By Eman Awad

I never stopped thinking about you,
i never wanted to do that any way.
Nothing to lose but days without you,
and the days will go by day after day.
And here we are again,
talking like our first time.
Hiding all of the pain,
like you were never mine.
I pretend, are you pretending?
or do you really still care? ?
It seems like we are never ending,
is this turning into a nightmare? ?
Out of the blue, i met you and we are catching up,
you remember things i never thought you'd do.
Taken by you again, and i'll never stop,
you are like dreaming and i still have it for you.
I thought you don't linger me,
and you are over this for good.
Now i know we shared eternity,
in few moments and it's so good.
I won't ask for more,
though i don't know who we are.
Are you still like before?
but i don't want to stray that far.
I knew if i got hurt again i'd die,
but still i adore your pain and i breathe your words.
When you say my name i cry,
it's more beautiful from you and still it hurts.
Nothing changed but the time,
how are you? how i wish i can hold you.
My life like a poem about to ryhme,
i'm happy again just out of the blue...

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This poem is beautiful And it is almost like a song