Shaka The Zulu

Here he comes with his muscular
body, in his hands lay the symbol
of Africa the symbol that have sent
many great warriors six feet beneath.
The sound of his voice bring silence
among the bird of the sky.

Shaka the son of Zulu he believe that he
is a true son of Africa.In the battle field
with the great symbol of Africa in his hands
he believe that nobody can defeat him, his
peer believe that he is a god among the
living creature.

Shaka the Zulu he believe in the black power
with iron hands he rule the people of Zulu with
the help of the witch doctors he conquer the
Africa.The name Shaka bring fear in the camp
of the white.

by Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa

Comments (2)

One of my favorites. I love how walt combines the pathos of the male bird for his lost mate, with his own poetic self, or his poetic awakening. What can one say? The Master has spoken, and we stand humbled.
extremely moving(? ... 'commovente' in italian) . The verses spoken by the bird should be quoted, highlighted somehow...