Out Of The Crevices Of Darkness

When a long standing joke,
Has lost its 'funny'.
And lies told are found to be untrue.
What then do those who laugh and lie,
Eventually pursue?

Some try to hide their saddened faces.
Something about liars change too.
Many try to escape from their 'efforts' made.
And those whose lives had been attempted to be ruined,
By those of these misguided deeds.
Seem to appear freer to be happy.
Knowing the seeds planted by deceivers...
Has exposed more fools than can be believed.

'They are all over the place!
From where did they come? '

When the light starts to shine...
Anything can be seen,
Coming out of the crevices of darkness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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i think they have always been there 10