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Out Of The Darkness

Anger buried deep inside, created scars inside and out.
A childhood of pain and hidden secrets had me wishing for love.
Tender soul wounded deep, mirrors reflected the pain inside.
A lifetime of pain and sorrow covered what was really there.

Accusations generated threats, pushed a gentle mind into chaos.
Please don’t touch, don’t speak, don’t look at me, you’re not safe!
Were words which couldn’t be spoken, so they couldn’t be heard.
Ten years of terror, locked in a depression so deep, no light was seen.

One person lost within that nightmare, had to be defined again.
Who am I now? Who do I want to be? Why should I care about me?
Emotions, dammed up inside, left no tears for my grandson when he died.
One night that dam gave way; ten years of tears took hours to spill.

Who am I now? As before, a lover of words, a dreamer of dreams.
Barriers have been breached, offenses imagined or not, examined.
I know who I am. I look in the mirror and like what I see.
Not weird…unique. Talented, caring, loving, generous. I am me.

by Gail Deemer

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