Out Of The Forest

I would say today...
These times we live,
Are getting extremely ridiculous.

'You must have just gotten out of 'rehab'.
Some kind of 'wholeness' program.
Where have you been?

When I began to see grown men,
Baring their behinds and women...
Or should I say 'not' wearing too much...
To leave to anyone's imagination,
It was 'then' mind disconnections started.'

What would 'you' call these times.
We are definitely living our last days on Earth.

Now 'that' to me is extreme.
If that was true...
My last last days would have been many years ago.
I remember my mother telling me that.
'Boy, if you don't get out of my face,
You will soon see your last days.'

I think we all got on somebody's nerves as children.
But nothing makes sense any more.

'I think it does.
At least the hypocrites are exposed for what they are.
And those who say religion and politics don't mix...
Either lie to themselves or are being deceived by reality.
I see religion and politics having everything to do,
With how these times are.'

You know you will be called blasphemous,
For saying that.

You wanted to know what I would call these days?
I would say...
They are religiously delusional.
And politics continue to play a major part of it.'

You express a lot of bitterness.

I knew it.
You are on some kind of medication.
I am out of the forest.
I've seen 'those' trees before!
And I am glad I am not so blinded by the leaves.
People today are self expressing their insanity.
That's it.
And accusing those who are 'sane',
As the reason and cause for their problems.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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