My Mission

A friend informed me about a literary session
periodically held,
but the convener again had forgotten to alert me.
After much sentimental rhapsodies
I was there in the session.

Well, there were designated speakers
unlike usual sessions
where all attendees read their poems,
articles or short stories.

The designated speakers had come prepared
with scrolls in their hands
and spoke thank God, briefly
on their appointed topic.
Surely, I looked very unimportant,
which I actually make effort to be,
and the speakers rather erudite;
and I felt how illiterate have I become
over a long period of time!

But I decided maintaining my duality:
I shall not become a pundit
but try and learn a little more on the subjects
dabblers talked about, and
I shall pursue my scattered studies
and the little service I pursue
by presenting pieces of my fellow travelers
and my own between two covers,
be it prose, poetry, or monographs.

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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hmm... a dark side to this. Like it! -chuck