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Out There In The Paddock
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Out There In The Paddock

Out there in the paddock in the faint moonlight
A red fox is calling in the calm of the night
A shrill and wild voice of a creature of the nocturnal countryside
That many rural people do loathe Worldwide
But of foxes their cunning and survival instincts of them cannot be denied
Those who wish to harm them they know how to avoid
That they are very clever does go without doubt
Much of them has been written and spoken about
John Masefield's long narrative poem 'Reynard The Fox' is a classic read
As it brilliantly describes the fox and the life it does lead
Foxes mostly nocturnal and seldom seen out by day
Are among the wiliest and elusive creatures of prey
In the calm of the night a barking fox i do hear
To where i am standing he seems rather near.

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