Tension, tension, not to mention
that easy feeling is gone.
I can feel it inside of my being.
In the mirror my face is drawn.

Up one minute, down the next
and I can’t figure out why?
Too temperamental for my own good,
I need to say goodbye
to mood swings and insecurities
that surface and follow me.
I don’t even know why they occur
or why they won’t let me be
even keeled and completely healed
as I was before.

When am I up and never down?
It happens when I’m involved
in writing poems or songs.
My whole mind is focused
on the creative process taking place.
Then I’m not down or temperamental.
I put on a happy face.

Is this what ageing is doing to me
or is that not what I should blame?
Maybe life’s playing games with my mind.
Will I ever feel the same?
I’m tired of trying to figure it out.
I need to be at peace.
So I’ll pray every day to my Creator
to make this tension cease.

by Edwina Reizer

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