Brutality is aberrant
And not something we inherit
Brutality can lead a person to a day that's bleak
And not to a higher peak
Brutality leaves a bitter mark
And the one that hits, do not know the way in which to walk
Are you being beat, kicked or even hit
In your house, on the street, or in the alley where the ground is wet and slick
By someone much stronger
Not knowing if you can bear the pain much longer
One hit is one too many
And if you don't leave you'll be getting plenty
You were elegant and had charm
But now this person is doing you great harm
Before you know it you're left to die
You cry out for help asking yourself why
Is this the person I love
But because of them you have a tombstone that say beloved
People that carry out these acts of violence today
Need to understand that brutality is not the way
This is a terrible sin
But will brutality ever end?

by Norena M. Jones

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I call the new prepackaged popsters the musical equivilent of an organ grinders monkey. I love the line 'rock n roll seizure'. I think I maybe experiencing envy at your talent. Just a second...Yep i have tinge of jealousy corsing thru my veins...coupled with a desire to break something.
Hi Michael, first of all let me say that I love the concept of this piece and where it it transcends generations and bridges the gap between a father and his child. As I was reading it a few things came to mind, for one I'm a sucker for brevity. That's not to say I can't appreciate a long poem, it just means I tend to admire poets who can say so much with so little. To be honest, your opening stanza is slightly boring when compared to the rest of the poem. In fact, I'd be so bold as to say you don't even need it. I think if you start the poem off here: 'Turning upwards my teenage eyes strummed the power chords of stars and light years and let all light move outwards in all directions from each star' You'll pull the reader in. There are parts of the poem that are very elegant and almost dream like, and then there are parts that sort of snuff out the magic. I don't think you really need the dancing Pepsi sign line...but it's your poem, so do whatever feels best for you. I think however the poem reads prier to the ending is almost insignificant when one considers the gravity of the final image.. Perfect ending, based on it I'd give this poem a 9.5 at least... Always, Amberlee
Outstanding poem. I really love this.