IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Outpost Of Empire For Friend Thad

It’s clear that archaeology.
Can tell us of the history
of long forgotten Roman forts.
From evidence of many sorts.
Broken shards of Samian Ware.
Which turn up almost everywhere
can tell within a year or two
the date when they were brought here new.
Foundation walls that still remain
when deciphered make it plain.
That this was a most important site.
Our findings greeted with delight.
Vinovia a Roman fort
is much, much older than was thought.


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Comments (2)

Thanks Ivor! ! With archaeology we excavate the land, so we can find going *10*! back in time, how life all began! ! Friend Thad
Lovely Ivor. A really interesting flowing poem which is bringing history to life. I so much enjoyed reading this, you get the weaving of your poems so right. This is a delightful explanation on the Romans, have you been doing some digging yourself? What inspired this one? Loved it. love and hugs Ernestine XXX