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The Tree
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

The Tree

Poem By Karle Wilson Baker

The bougainvillea
taps its fingers
against the whiteness
of the house

waiting for the humans
to come out
notice it.
Notice how beautiful
it is.

When we do
enter its world
a slight wind
snatches at your golden hair

and ensnares
it with a twist of flower
your laughter
entangled with it.

The bougainvillea
that I notice
only you.

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Comments (3)

Hee hee I told you you write off the wall love poems that attack the reader's heart from unexpected angles. This is a strictly off the wall love poem with the beautiful bougainvillea contrasted against a white wall and waiting for and expecting your attention and adoration. But when you come upon it you only have eyes for your beloved and the flower is jealous and outraged. It thrills me how inventive you can be and always makes me laugh when you (undoubtedly) pull it off. Yet again...ya got me! I repeat...noone but noone writes a love poem like you. Tales of the unexpected! Keep on keeping on doing what you do! love Dee Dee(that's Wright!)
i like the deep mauve color of the flowers, brittle though, and shaped almost like open hearts, i have seen climbing bougainvillea's reach the height of about four stories here in florida, anywho, i rip each tender plant up before it matures because thorns suck, not a bush to give a hug too
I've been where the bougainvillea outrages and pricks... but its flower bursts are pertinent to many a home and that is worthy of notice. Keep tapping One Peace at a Time