Outside Conformity

As soon as I took my first stept outside conformity,
I felt ready to front reality, for this is essencial in every man's life,
I am motivated to do so, in order to call myself a man of life.
reality is not be scape from, it is here for us to live with, think of
it as wife.

When have we seen a man living in his dreams?
We are more likely to see him realize his dreams as he lives in reality.
We are to live our own reality, but we are not to live in comformity,
much less are we to let our smiles fade away from our souls.
we are to express our thoughts, feelings no matter how isolent, unorthodox, or child-like these may seem to others.
we are to shout them ever so loud for this world to hear our voice.

To live in a comforming manner, is to live in apathy
and that apathetic way of life, blinds men, leaving us with little if not
without the scent of our own redolent life.
Therefore allow yourself that first stept away from comformity for this
will bring yourself closer to tasting the delicate fragance of your own life.

Reality is nothing but life in its simplest manner,
almost as if it were an aphrodisiac from the gods;
Only the worthy and the ready are allow a taste from it,
leaving real men craving to always have reality in their lives.

by julio anzueto

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I like this very deep with some important truth well done thank you