GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Outside I'M Raging, Inside I'M Breaking

My fingers are bloody
Everything broken around me
I've thrown every punch I can physically throw
And my impure thoughts have come down crashing
You should heed my advice and hide from my rage
And yet hold me and nurse my mind back to health

I'm emotionally breaking into the biggest mess i've ever been
Not sure if the maid can clean this, you might have to get dirty and clean it

Dawn is arising and i am waking
The earth is calling and i am answering
Second nature, routine never changes,
It's constantly repeating, will the cycle ever change?
Will the habit ever break, or is it destined to be the same?

Am i dying?
Are you lying?
Now who's hiding?
Which one are you eyeing?
Not sure if i find it suprising?

You said
Never again
Should it happen
And i trusted
You not to get wasted
To be falsly intoxicated

One last time
Your last chance to be tested
Don't fail this one
Because i won't be waiting for you to emerge
You talk of future, but if you want to see me in it
Then learn to master your addiction into just one outlet
I'm not being selfish, wanting your loyalty isn't asking to much of you

Please don't come railing at me
And ignore your insecurities
Don't think that this is easy for me
To tell you part of what i'm thinking
A new part of me is opening
I'm tired of breaking
I only want to be happy

I want you with me.......

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Emotionally touching.............keep up the write.....