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Outside I freaked out when he kissed me on the cheek.
Inside I was jumping up and down.

Outside I acted like I really didn't like him.
Inside I waited for him to ask me out.

Outside I smiled and told him yes.
Inside I had never been happier.

Outside I only cared about Scott.
Inside I wanted to make them both happy.

Outside I blushed when he held my hand.
Inside I thought of what my dad would say.

Outside I told people I liked him.
Inside I wondered if it was more.

Outside I acted like everything was okay.
Inside I wanted to cry forever.

Outside I said, 'I'm over him! '
Inside I knew it was a lie.

Outside I slept on Kyle's shoulder like nothing was different.
Inside I wondered if I liked him.

Outside I said, 'Oh my gosh! Are you serious? ! '
Inside I was dying to say, 'Yes! '


Outside I laugh and hold his hand.
Inside I think I like someone else, too.

Outside I still say I'm over my ex.
Inside I wish it were true.

Outside I tell people I love him to death.
Inside I'm not completely sure.

Outside is the person most of my friends know.
Inside is the person I wish I could let out.

by Melissa Hornback

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