Outside The Gates To Dracula's Property

Arriving back here once again
I can tell it's going to be a long night
The night seems to want to go on forever
Or for as long as it possibly can

Looking around me
I can see different stone formations
and statues with bats flying in and out of them
The bats fly into the night sky

I can tell where I am
I'm outside the gates to Dracula's property

The moon has chosen to be crescent tonight
I feel it's the only thing I have on my side
For comfort

Outside the gates to Dracula's property
I can tell this will be one long night
As I'll be in for the fight of my life

by Justin Gildow

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and indeed you shall be in for the fight of your life! the count knows of your presence, his brides also know of your presence as they rise from their damp cold caskets, smacking parched dry lips, and honing razor sharp incisors. It will take all your training and perserverance everything you have learned if you are to survive once you enter' the gates to Draculas property.' .......... for only the crescent moon is on your side this night, only the pale crescent moon