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Outsiders By Nature
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Outsiders By Nature

They are not in any community organizations or members of any sporting club
And they drink on their own when they are in the pub
They do not have a leader their problems to voice
Outsiders by nature and outsiders by choice

None of them have any claim to any sort of renown
The fringe dwellers of every city and town
They just live in their own way and do their own thing
The people whose praises none ever does sing

Most of them are good people in their own humble way
Quite honest and just they work hard for their pay
In their words they never drag anyone down
Yet they remain as outsiders on their side of the town

Not into self promotion as so many are
On the ladder of success they will never climb far
Fringe dwellers by nature and fringe dwellers by name
As they live they will die as strangers to fame

They mind their own business their lives are their own
And they are happy to live as the almost unknown
To their higher selves they remain ever true
And they are honourable people for to give them their due.

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Comments (2)

Your poems are always full of truth, and I enjoy reading them!
In every community you have these kind of people. Beautiful poem. Kingsley Egbukole