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Poem By James Grengs

I cannot walk through my life
Without seeing them- guys and girls,
Silently calling, crying out
To be noticed. They think they are normal;
I say they are not. They are empty,
Hollow- shadows and ghosts.
Their silent cries, falling on the deaf ears
Around them, reveal to me who they are-
Dead, outsiders. They cannot escape reality,
So they close it out, huddling themselves
In the illusions of who they pretend to be.
I alone see their truth, but
I cannot reveal it, for I am not in their world,
Being- as I am- tied to reality.

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Comments (3)

Beautiful piece of poetry insightfully penned with conviction. I guess it takes much courage to be ME and not pretend to be what you are not. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
I understand, James. Your poem is very insightful. Regards, Sean
help me understand this....