Outspread Wings

Poem By Macy (Nina) Dvirnak

I hear the excitement,
I see the faces,
Of all my family

Held dear to my heart!

Alas! –
This meeting be,
Rather a parting-

Of both tears of sorrow
And of Joy.

Amidst the hustle,
Through the bustle,

My mind,
It rests on one thing-

I must let go
Of Childhood,
For to this last branch,
Do I so tightly cling!

I know I must leave
My nest,
Although in this comfort Zone,
I could happily rest.

As I cling to the Branch,
Take my stand-
Someone is beside me!

She has stood with me
Day and night,


Tended to my every need..

She has kept me in the nest-
She has taught me right,


Has prepared me,
With all of her might.

So, she in the nest,
And I on my branch,
So high-

I look at her,
Returning a message
Of Love
That never dies-


As she returns my gaze,
With loving and anxious eyes,

I spread my wings,


To her, say I-

“Mamma, I am ready to fly! ”

And with that,
I let go of the branch-

I soar through the sky!

I am gliding towards God’s calling
Upon my life-

And as I look back
Towards my proud mother,

My tail feathers wave


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A wonderful poem, a great write.

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