Poem By Kendra Sullivan

I Try my hardest just to be with you
But you just see right threw
You Want me To change for your perfection
But why cant you just except me
And not want others want to see.
We Were fine till she came,
And Ruined it all for me
Now i sit here in the dark
While Darkness of my heart swallows me whole
And tears run down like razor blades and my blood
You used to say we can live like Jack and sally
But now ill im singing is 'i miss you, i miss you'
The Present is mapping out the future day by day,
with the clock ticking fast.
You still say 'i love you'
but its not coming from where it used to.
You used to say i was the best.
but i guess all your toys get old, quicker with each passing day.
My Heart Stretches for you
But it wont be much longer till i R.I.P. with out you

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