Over Dramatized

Protecting ongoing theft and pretentions kept,
To legitimize decepting claims of ownership...
With a sweeping sweetened need,
For a promoting to keep fantasies and hypocrisies...
Alive to thrive with a selling sold to buy as reality.
Yet...the purpose and lack of effectiveness of this,
Can not stop the dust on rusting foundations...
From cracking to snap the backs,
Of those living to survive the facts of life.
Or the continued hype disguising,
The smell of fresh blood stains still dripping...
On streets where designers of created truth,
Claim to blame on people seen scarred and abused...
For not being accepting of enforced negligent activities,
They wish to interpret with their own observed depictions...
That have those ignoring to declare this truth to see,
As being over dramatized, suspicious and unprofessional.

'What is the matter now?
You know we have a limited budget.
Why have you stopped the cameras,
From filming the next scene? '

~We can either shot around those people,
Giving us 'the finger'.
Or hire professionals.~

'Roll the cameras.
We will use a disclaimer that says...
*We Did The Best We Could,
To Avoid Traveling Immigrants...
On Their Journey To Seek For Themselves Better Lives.
But Believed To Keep Them In These Scenes,
Would Inspire Those Wishing To Vacation Here...
A Glimpse Of The Unexpected Diversity.*

~But none are smiling happily.~

'Roll cameras.
We'll keep it raw.
Trust me...
This advertising campaign,
Will draw those who love adventure.
And personally...
I think those giving us the finger,
Adds a certain quality...a different dimension,
I don't find offensive at all.
We'll do something special with that,
During the editing process.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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