[a Statue Beast]

An outcast watches this city by night,
From a blacked stone he ascends
As violet beams of light emerge,
he’s statue self crumbles.
He breaks free…

He is a beast,
In the devils eyes.
Drawn to the shadows,
Of a fantasy world/
He waits,
Feeding on the hollow screams.
from nightmares...

If you gaze deep within,
The creatures eyes.
He will invade you blind,
And you’ll turn to stone….

By day he remains encased,
By night he just sits and waits.

In death,
He is grounded motionless

In life,
he materialize by night.

Nobody knows,
He’s shadowed purpose.
No one understands,
Why he here
But he is…

‘’A statue Beast’’

Forever, watching…
Forever, waiting…


by Empath In flames

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