DW ( / Israel)

Over Obsessive Over Analyzing Signal Sign

and oh my god.
i think im falling
and hold me close
i dont feel like calling

im feeling sick
but in a happy kind of way
i don't wanna think
just make it go away

its scaring me
you're not answering back
am i over analyzing?
is it really that matter of fact?

and oh god
i feel like you're stabbing me
and oh god i hate it
make it stop, please.

i'm a sick kind of happy
no no no no no no no no no
i can't let myself do this
but i can't let it go

oh please help me
im losing my lost mind
give me some kind of signal
or some kind of sign

i need you to pay attention
i hate when people do this
you can't ignore me once
and then expect me to forget it

no really. im okay
or i will be at least.
just oh god tell me again
that you really do love me

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