Over Reaching

After a yearlong sojourn
In the course of my teaching job,
I've got one object before me -
To get that student as my wife,
And as my wife she shall be
Provided she's got as much, or
Half as much regards and love
As I have for her in my heart.

And would she be so docile,
So spirited and so happy
In front of me, if she had not?
Would she attend without a miss
All my classes with such solemn mien
When I was near, if she had not?
Would she then nestle to a nook
Of happiness, if she had not?

With optimism at its high,
As is to every lover,
I decoded all her movements
More than they have actually implied,
And my confidence rose so high
As to break the news of my love.
Next day I waited for her nod.
She didn't come and quit the class.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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