Over, Said, And Done

We said a few words, blew a few blows
Now I think it's time we let the thing go
I've cried my tears, you've done your dirt
Why should we stay together, when we're both hurt?
I loved you, you loved me
Now it's no secret we're not meant to be
Cause we broke up, made up, and it's over again
I'm so tired now, it's just redundant
We played childish games
Like 'get back', they're all the same
Now I'm ready to move out the rain
I don't wanna cry anymore
I don't wanna hurt anymore
So I've gotta let you go
You're the cause of my stress and unhappiness
You used to be my joy and satisfaction
But I don't see us with that agian
It's over, said, and done
I can't do this again

by Jaquelle Haynes

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