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Over The Edge
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Over The Edge

Poem By Merl Austin

A blank sheet of paper lies before me
Can’t even begin to explain
All that’s been going on
The pain, the hurt, the tears
When will enough finally be enough?
How much further
Will you push me over the edge?
Don’t you know how much I’m going through?
I call you my best friend
But should that all end
Over this one little conversation
Where you pushed me to the very edge
I didn’t need you to tell me
That my life sucks
I needed you to tell me
It’d all be alright
I didn’t want you to tell me
That she’d die soon anyway
I wanted to hear that you’d be there for me
No matter what

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Sometimes you have to stop and re-evaluate, who really loves you and who professes love with hate. Hurtful words said with your well-being in mind, you don't need friend's like that, you need the loving kind. I wish you peace and love, the kindness of stranger's and roads paved with gold by guardian angels(Blessid Union of Souls-You tube.com) Barbara