(12-05-1990 / Hull)

Over The Hill...

Over the hill, not to death, but to
'midgets' in boxes, to yellow eyed honour.
Over the moon, not to happiness, but to
children poking fun at 'idiots' in that car down the road.

Nothing makes sense, the world is an omnibus,
a never ending cycle of exploits that never get better.
Life in the modern day world has all been done,
everyone else has lived for you, why bother?

Let it be, not anymore, let it has been.
nostalgia gets the better of us all,
this isn't because were just remembering.
This is because were all thinking how bad the world is

by Danny, James Archer

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i really like it it cool i kind of stuff that i write 'midgets' in boxes, to yellow eyed honour that a real good line well m8 keep writing