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Over The River And Through The Woods
(6-26-1980 / othello)

Over The River And Through The Woods

Poem By Jon Edward Walker

I remember a large blue
station wagon
humming down the highway to
grandma’s house
playing games
like spotting license plates
or slugbug,
I’d stare out the window
and pretend I had a really
fast dirt bike riding next to
us, I’d jump rivers
and gorges
and farm houses
only to zig and zag
through the thick
underbrush in a thick
eventually we’d stop
and have sandwiches
and fruit
I’d get to pee outside
and if I pooped I got to
use sage to wipe
dad once jumped a barbwire
fence to get mom a cool skull
unknowingly the fence was electric
and he danced and danced
straddling the fence for a few seconds
we all laughed,
sometimes when we got to grandma’s
even though it meant Christmas,
good food, presents and an entire room
just for toys
I’d wish we could have stayed
on the road

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now this is a fine, fine poem. all the right amount of sentimentality and nostalgia without being overly sappy and pretentious. outstanding. Jake