BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

Over The Time And Space

I'm here
Around you.
I'm there
Away from thee.
I'm above the ground
And on the floor by your side.

I'm here now
Like I'm there in the past.
Travelling from the past to future
And to the present
At random is so easy for me now.

I feel no pain.
I experience
No hunger no thirst
No anger no jealousy
No lust no greed
No remorse no sorrows
Having acquired different new senses.

I see you all sad
Though I know why.
I assure you
I'm too happy
Like I was never before.

I'm feeling elevation.
A sense of tremendous joy
Something which you never felt so far.
It is a force,
Bountiful and ever merciful.

Look who I'm with-
Our grand father, our school teacher
All others who'd left us earlier!
There are more
Lot many our own people
Who came here before my birth.

Don't lament over
That mass I left behind.
Don't call it by my name-
For I can't be there within it
As for now-
I'm everywhere
Over the time and space.

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