Over Thinking So I'm Gonna Sit Down

Poem By Jeremy Willson

I'm not important am I? My life seems miniscule
Everytime I try and do something I'm met with ridicule
To be honest I don't seem to matter
My life's a shity joke that isn't even met with laughter
I am apparently a dumbass reject
People don't realize that words can have a negative effect
I'm barely hanging on by a thread
And your words unravel me as I lay sleepless in bed
I'm going to do nothing, say nothing, act like I'm fine
I don't want to talk about how I feel like I'm wasting time
Nothing is ever a waste, it's just that I'm not doing anything
Pretty soon winter will end and it'll be spring
What will I have accomplished? Things might be the same
Am I to blame? It's a real shame that things are this lame
But I've tried and tried, what am I to do?
What do people want from me? When I feel like crap too
I'm just trying to stay sane hold onto something that's not returned
Nobody will care, cause I'm Jeremy there's nothing to be concerned
But if there's one thing I've learned is that I am an idiot
It's hard to believe I'm not when people call me stupid
For stuff I've done, I don't know what to do anymore
So I'm just gonna stop thinking and sit on the floor

Comments about Over Thinking So I'm Gonna Sit Down

Well, I'm not going to run you down either. This is an excellent poem, Jeremy, so you'd better start believing in yourself because, if you write like this, you're going to get plenty of attention. We are all full of self-doubt but it does us no harm to write it out, as Jude says. I'm putting this poem in my favourites' list.
Jeremy if sitting on the floor gave rise to this brilliant poem then you may be onto something great :)

4,2 out of 5
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