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JP (26 Nov 1979 / Houston, Texas)


Poem By Jason PraTT

yonder darkfromtheeyeswithin gradually of a
somewhat distancing kiss from a nightingale - spiraling
her smiles looking picturesque and beautiful under

the silent flames that crawls throughout my veins
corner of the heart beats that thump from the rush
of her scratches slapping me about the face

in memory of a younger Honey pot and childish poet
Legendary (or) M*U*S*E* lurkingflickeringlingering girlfriend
a river of rainbow lullabies in droplets of late nights and laughs...

shhh, you're sleeping and I don't want to disturb your peace
so I simply curl myself into a ball in front of your pillow and
watch your breasts breathe slumber in and silence out

all that I can conclude that (all
continents and countries aside
language barriers and sexual preferences
to their rightful vices)
you were and still are Egypt to me
Your Highness

Kiss me (one last time) and lay me to rest in my grave
as my rage towards myself burns in hell(sing)
and my love for you proceeds in its climb
to heaven and wait for the opening: gates

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