Overcome With Awe

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

As I parked the car on East 12th street
a mouse appeared on the outside
of the windshield
a baby, anyway so small
from where
can’t imagine
not brown not white
sky grey
but eyes dark
met mine
but I didn’t know
what to do
looked at the people
walking along
I felt like a holy man
with the mystery
of creation.

Comments about Overcome With Awe

Now that must have been spookie Charles! I came eye to eye with a Sparrow Hawk years ago, I was washing dishes, and the window, overlooked a bird table...it had swooped down and taken a sparrow. That moment, is petrified in my mind for life. Amazing eyes they have too. Your mouse sounds cute though! 10 from Tai, nature lover
This is great Charles. Those moments of unique experiences that we cannot share with others. They make us feel so...well...blessed, I suppose. Almost surreal, it must have happened.
very nice work as usual...enjoyed much...happy new year to you! ! !

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