Overcoming Lesson

The Devil taunted, "You'll never succeed, you lack knowledge and expertise."
"Look at the way you are having to live when everyone else is comfortable.
You are working too hard, Your funds are low
You're discouraged and tired, You are getting slow." What am I hearing, what shall I do?
Who is my Master? Jesus Christ so true.
A choice must be made ere the web is woven
To weaken my faith. Soul look to Jesus, He is my strength.
Faith soars high above circumstances; Prayer makes a bond enhancing
My life. Jesus gives a thrill as inintercession, the vacuum he fills. God is great! My soul sings aloud
I grasp tightly the hand of invisible most high God.
I ask for his kind of understanding, knowledge and wisdom.
Now attired in battle array, I can conquer each day the foe.

by Margaret Nuner

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